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I first started shooting still pictures with a compact point and shoot Fujifilm camera in 2008 and quickly realised photography was what kept my world alive and that I wanted to dedicate my professional life to it. So shortly after I left my full time job that I had at the time and I began studying photography at Luis Garcia Berlanga College in Spain, got my first dslr then and learnt all the technical and theory side of photography, the second and last part of my studies included as well doing some practises at a prestigious photo studio in my city that I was lucky enough to start right after I passed my college exams. I finally graduated in 2010 and received my diploma as a photo technician. As part of my efforts to improve as a photographer 2012 saw me moving to Manchester, UK and since then I haven’t stop learning and improving, continued taking Portraits, pets, landscapes,  weddings, and commercial photography. In September 2013 I was contracted by Ocean Images as one of their onboard photographers on the ship The Oosterdam of the Holland America line cruises. I embarked on a 8 month trip cruising the South Pacific Islands, New Zealand and Australia. Currently I am back in Manchester taking pictures of dancers at social Tango events, portraits for families, individuals, and their pets. Also I very much enjoy doing street and landscape photography with a locally based photography group.

So far I have visited and photographed many places around the world, from the Northern hemisphere; the USA, much of Spain,  Portugal, England, Scotland and Wales, and from the Southern hemisphere; New Zealand, Australia, Tasmania,  and the South Pacific Islands of Fiji, Vanuatu, Samoa and New Caledonia.

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