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My photography adventure first started taking pictures with a compact point and shoot Fujifilm camera in 2008, shortly after, I realised photography was a great way to express my own point of view on the world around me, I decided that I wanted to dedicate my professional life to it. Soon after this realisation, I left my full time job and began studying photography -at Luis Garcia Berlanga College- in Spain, got my first DSLR then and learnt all the technical and theory side of photography, the second and last part of my studies included as well doing some practises at a photo studio in my city that I was lucky enough to start right after I passed my college exams. I finally graduated in 2010 and received my diploma as a photo technician. As part of my efforts to improve as a photographer 2012 saw me moving to Manchester, UK and since then I haven’t stop learning and improving, continued taking portraits and nature photography. In September 2013 I was contracted by Ocean Images as one of their onboard photographers on the ship The Oosterdam of the Holland America line cruises. I embarked an eight-month trip cruising the South Pacific Islands, New Zealand and Australia. Currently I am in Wales, studying Zoology with Animal Behaviour and photographing the wonderful nature around me.

So far, I have visited and photographed many places around the world, from the Northern hemisphere; the USA, much of Spain, Portugal, England, Scotland and Wales, and from the Southern hemisphere; New Zealand, Australia, Tasmania, and the South Pacific Islands of Fiji, Vanuatu, Samoa and New Caledonia. Travelling has always been one of my main priorities and look forward to travelling a lot more with my degree in Zoology, combining my studies and career with my life-long passion, photography.

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